Deep Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a platform that centralises an organisation's logs and analyses them in real time in search of threats.

The early response system makes it possible to mitigate attacks automatically and in conjunction with the threat intelligence component, it provides AI models with feedback on the analysis. In addition, DeepSIEM has a comprehensive and intuitive interface that enables data monitoring, report generation and management of alerts and assets. DeepSIEM is available in both local and cloud environments.

Intuitive design & Interactive graphics

Use cases

Uses Cases

Main Features

Advanced Ingestion System

  • Support for Linux, Windows, Mac devices *
  • Customised fonts such as syslog servers, network devices, etc.
  • Data enhancement


  • Centralized information on records, flow and incidents.
  • Fully configurable graphics and dashboards.

Real-time threat detection

  • Detection provided by IDS, own analysis and anomaly detection with artificial intelligence.

Fully configurable platform

  • Asset configuration.
  • Fully customisable alerts.
  • Management of users, organisations and permissions.

Management of cyber incidents

  • Management of incident response teams.
  • Automatic response to incidents.
  • Report generation.

Threat intelligence

  • Public and private sources are the source of the platform's knowledge.


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